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Tanya Veltz Awarded at 9th Annual Women's Leadership Ceremony

Our co-founder, Tanya Veltz, was recently selected to be an Honoree for the 9th Annual Women's Leadership Award.

"I would sincerely like to Thank The United Way and CEO Catherine P. Wilson for selecting me to be an Honoree for their 9th Annual Women’s Leadership Award. I would also like to Congratulate my Co- Honoree Amina Bey for her outstanding Leadership role and Services in our communities. The United Way of Newark, has helped us provide a tremendous amount of food, essential items and Covid-19 Vaccines throughout Pandemic. I not only deeply appreciate your recognition but also our Partnership. Thank You Shanell Dunns for the connection and to my Husband and family Emilett Hernandez and SoSo South for your love and support." - Tanya Veltz

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