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Planting Communal Gardens at Day Care Center, USVO IVY Hill Day Care

The Blooms & Veggies Community Garden initiative is coming to a school near you! Thanks to the Newark Fresh, Healthy Food Access Grant provided to us by Whole Cities Foundation, we were able to construct and plant a community garden at USVO Ivy Hill Day Care center in Newark, NJ. Our co-founders taught the young scholars about agriculture, the importance of growing healthy foods, and took them through the growing process.

If you would like to volunteer to help with the Blooms & Veggies Community Garden Initiative, please sign up here:

Students and teachers will be able to cultivate this garden, watch it grow, and reap from it!

Co-founder, Tanya Veltz, educates young scholars about the gardening process, while co-founder, Matthew Veltz, lays the foundation for the gardens.

Young scholars, and their educators, help lay the foundation for the framework of the garden.

Next, the young scholars fill the garden with soil.

Young scholars take turns flattening the soil with shovels.

Together, the young scholars and their educators decide where the seeds will be planted.

Lastly, the young scholars water the garden.

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