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Meet Our Founders

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Born and raised in Newark, NJ, this dedicated couple continues to give back to the communities that have loved and supported them over the years.

Tanya and Matthew Veltz founded Tree House Cultural Arts & Entertainment non-profit organization in 2016.

Our founders saw a need in their community, and chose to address it with their hearts. With their own background in the house music scene, they aimed to promote positive music and arts events throughout the state of New Jersey, As they traveled, that could not ignore the community need for basic necessities, such as food, clothing and shelter. The Tree House Cares health program addresses these needs by providing free groceries, clothing, and homelessness services to communities and families in need.

Moving Forward

In the upcoming year, Tanya and Matthew Veltz plan to serve, love, and support even more. Make a tax deductible donation to Tree House Cultural Arts--which aids us in providing fresh foods to the families that we serve. To become a Sponsor please email

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